Monetize with Adbreak Media, Elevate Your Apps With Offerwall Ads

Elevate your apps with offerwall ads. Monetize without compromising user experience. Earn in-app currency while expressing opinions and playing games. Compatible with Android, iOS, and Web platforms.

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Profit Maximization Utilities

Mobile Offerwall SDK


Experience the power of our Monetization SDK, designed for Android and iOS games and reward apps. With easy intergation and a lightweight framework, unlock diverse offer types like CPI, CPE, CPA and captivating Video Ads. At Adbreak Media, we're committed to superchanging your revenue. Let us drive your earnings to new heights.

Web Based Offerwall


Streamline the integration of our offerwall with your site effortlessly. In just a few clicks, transform your browser-based users into a lucrative revenue stream. Monetize effectively with Adbreak Media and unlock the full potential of your online platform.



With the Adbreakmedia’s API, you can automatically pull offers and display the ones which fits your business

Why Monetize with Adbreak

Best Global Performance

Data Analysis and Reports

Managed Offerwall

Global Monetizations

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How it works

AdBreak Media Offerwall

Launch The Offerwall

We Provide Wide range of Games with different varaity & Surveys from 100% trusted networks.

Select Task

Offer consists of clear requirements, enjoyable experience, & comes exclusively from trusted advertisers.

Collect Rewards

Our offer ensures instant credit, eliminating any concerns or worries on offer completion, users enjoy the rewards.

Why Our Offerwall ?

Unique Offers


Unique Offers

Discover Adbreak Media: Unparalleled payouts, exclusive offers, innovative micro tasks. Join us for exceptional rewards and revenue potential.

Amazing Analytics

Unlock powerful insights with Amazing Analytics. Gain a comprehensive view of performance, user behavior, and revenue trends. Make informed decisions, optimize monetization, and stay ahead with actionable insights. Experience Amazing Analytics today.


Amazing Analytics

24/7 Support


24/7 Support

Exceptional 24/7 support for publishers, advertisers, and developers. Our dedicated team is available to assist with inquiries and technical issues, ensuring a seamless experience. Rely on our reliable support for your success.

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AdbreakMedia assists with monetizing your mobile game via advertising, and provides users different rewards in exchange for completing tasks.

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